Steam, often known as fume hoods, fume filtration fume cabinets or fumecupboard (terms used interchangeably in this website) is located in the smoke extraction system installed in the scientific laboratories and physicians to protect users from harmful substances can be inhaled. Not to be confused with extractor fan system, with the possibility of influencing the biggest buildings in the neighborhood. There are two main types: fume hoods endocrine (circulating fume hoods) is based on filters fume hoods smoke and went to the outside atmosphere. Regulations that affect smoke Control exposure to hazardous substances regulated by the Control Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 1999 (1). Regulations include laboratory cabinets exhaust fumes of smoke and download other into the air and recirculation of smoke cabinets and microbiological safety cabinets and smoke extraction systems, such as those used in welding. Local system of smoke that used to work with gases and hazardous chemicals must meet the minimum requirements of Standard English. Where fume hoods only be used to monitor low levels of smoke dust or noxious odors, the strict British Standards do not apply.